Not really a rant, more like rambling because I’m extremely happy

I woke up from a nightmare and I’ll tell you at the end up this because I want to start out with good.

Today was amazing… We woke up and got food.. Even though I hate making you pay for everything… I feel useless letting you pay for everything.

But shopping with you… Picking out an outfit for you even though you didn’t get that Mickey Mouse shirt (ps I don’t love Mickey Mouse… I just love how cute Disney is in lounge clothing and that shirt was bae)

You letting me choose what you wear made me feel like you trusted me.

There was so much more to today but the next thing that hits me is falling asleep next to you… I couldn’t sleep last night because I wanted to stay up with you all night but that quick nap next to you was so soothing… You’re the only person I just want to cuddle up next to and never get up.

My nightmare I guess was just from your reaction to my forced proposal… I know it wasn’t special and all but I just dreamed that you had cold feet at the altar.

After finding out you were 17 everything I knew about you changed… I felt like an idiot.. But I made myself accept it.. I don’t know why but when I found out you were younger than I thought you were I got it stuck in my head that you think the way I did when I was 17… I never wanted to marry anyone until I met you… I thought it was just a piece of paper… But now I feel like a little girl planning everything out in my head.

I love you; please don’t let us fall apart… I can’t love with out you… My phone auto corrected live to love but both fit

I need you to be happy… Don’t ever forget that.