I think that’s the first time I’ve said i would leave you alone and you didn’t tell me to stay… I knew one day is drive you over the edge

Just give it time… You’ll hate me before your birthday… I’m sorry

I deleted our texts to hold back from texting you… I just wish you’d talk to me… I don’t want anything else as much as you to talk to me about everything, including what you hate about me… Nothing else.

I really wish you didnt find this page because then you wouldn’t find this post until I was gone but I need to make it clear… I only say the mean things I do like ” I want nothing to do with you anymore” so you’ll just hate me and stop trying to stop me… I want you to get over me and find someone real… Because you’re right… I was too good to be true… I don’t want to be here if you can’t be honest with me… I can’t deal with it.. I really cant

I don’t mean to compare you to anyone… You are the only girl for me… You say that we are like twin personalities.  I grew up telling myself there was no one in the world like me.  Well, I found you.  There could never be another girl out there to compare to you.The odds that there is one person out there just like me was substantial.. You’ll never convince me there is someone better for me than you.

Sometimes I wish you weren’t so insecure towards me.  When I met you, you were this stuck up, independent girl…  Now you don’t trust that you have me wrapped around your finger…i don’t understand….

Then there’s the time I’m glad you aren’t….because I’m afraid you’ll realize what a piece of shit I am.  

I just wish you could at least see that I would do anything for you…regardless of what is said when we’re mad…. What we say when we’re mad shouldn’t matter when we come back…